About Mini PC

Why Mini PC

There are many reasons on why you should switch to mini pc. Powerful pc these days does not necessarily comes in a large package anymore especially with laptops and tablets around. There are many advantages in using a mini pc and below are just a few.

Save space

A mini pc is smaller than a piece of A4 paper as compared to a full sized desktop. Unless you are a gamer or your work requires extensive processing power, there is no need for a full sized desktop which takes up a lot of space. A mini pc can be easily mounted to the back of a monitor via VESA mount and you won’t even notice the mini pc is there.

Energy Saving

Mini pc does not require a lot of power. In fact, certain models even uses less power compared to a laptop. A standard mini pc usually uses only 10% power compare to a full sized desktop. This is due to the modern design of the processor chip which requires much more less power to run without affecting the performance.

Dust / Maintenance Free

With the mini pc, there are no fans located in the box. Hence, dust won’t be able to get sucked in like desktops and laptops. The entire mini pc case itself is a heat sink where it dissipates heat via the case. When there are no dusts inside, there are less chances of a hardware failure and regular cleaning is not necessary anymore.


To give a rough idea, the processors you find in this mini pc are exactly the same as the ones you find in Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and Apple Macbook Pro. It’s even powerful enough to play new games.

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